Top 10 Best Desk Lamp of 2020: Find Your Desk’s Best Friend

Are you in the market for a new lamp? Maybe you are looking for a desk lamp that is going to help you focus better on your computer.

Maybe you are bored of squinting at your studies and need to see better after pulling an all nighter.

Well we have come up with a great top 10 best desk lamp list that will help everyone find the right lamp for them. From techno geeks to crafters, we’ve thought of everyone! 

One trend that has become really big in the desk lamp industry is combining USB ports with desk lamps.

The ability to charge your device on your desk without having to take up another power outlet is really appealing, and you will now find that most desk lamps (even the designer ones) enable you to charge your device through your lamp.

One of the lamps on our list even has wireless charging, how great is that?! You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again!

Take a quick look at our table below of DeskUnity's top 10 best desk lamp or scroll down further to get our unbiased opinions on each lamp.

Quick Overview: 10 Best Desk Lamp of 2020





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Briever Multi-Functional Desk Lamp

Top Pick

Briever Desk Lamp

3 USB ports, stylish design


CO-Z Dimmable Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp

CO-Z Dimmable Desk Lamp

Adjustable head, dimmable light


Phive LED Task Lamp

Phive LED Task Lamp

Ultra-long light, 5 different brightness level




Wireless charging, 3 different brightness modes


Simple Designs LD1036-BLK

Simple Designs Lantern Lamp

Industrial look, affordable price


MEIKEE LED Aluminum Dimmable Table Lamp


40 different lighting modes, dimmable function


PulseOn LED Desk Lamp

Pulse On Desk Lamp

Clock, calendar and temperature all built in, LED lighting


 TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Interchangeable base, clamp base available, fully adjustable


TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp

TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp

USB port, available in 6 colours




USB port, head adjustable


Top 10 Best Desk Lamp of 2020 (Reviews)

 Briever Multi-Functional Desk Lamp

If you are looking for an all round lamp desk with charging capability and docking station ports then the Briever Multi-Functional Desk Lamp is the perfect solution.

With a low price tag and buckets of features, this lamp is bound to give you everything you need. 

The modern design suits all desks and office designs and the solid wood base gives it an air of sophistication. It has 3 usb ports to plug in chargers and also offers 3 slots to stand your devices in so you can still have them to hand. 

This lamp is ideal for those looking for ambient lighting rather than task lighting and would look just as nice on your bedside table as it would on your desk at work.


  • Ambient lighting with a stylish wood base
  • Offers 3 USB ports and 3 device slots
  • Can charge all 3 devices at once
  • Height of just 44cm


  • Not suitable for task lighting or where bright light is required
  • Only suitable for USB charging
CO-Z Dimmable Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp

Looking for a task light to use on your desk rather than an ambient light to fill the room?

Then the CO-Z Dimmable Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp is a good option. Coming in a classy brushed nickel finish, this light not only gives function but also gives style too.

Arm mechanism of this light enables you to move it freely up and down. This task light is a great addition to anyone who works all hours at their desk. 

The adjustable head means that you are able to focus the light into specific places to really illuminate what you are doing. Its LED bulb helps to save the environment while also saving money. 

The best part is it is dimmable as well so you can adjust the light to your specific needs.


  • Adjustable arm mechanism
  • Brushed Nickel finish
  • LED bulb which saves money
  • Adjustable head to focus light
  • Dimmable function to allow you to change your lighting mood when you feel like it


  • Might not suit all room designs
 Phive LED Task Lamp

The Phive LED Task Lamp is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a computer or screen light. This super bright LED lamp can be clamped to your desk or wall behind your computer screen and arched over the top.

The neck is bendable meaning that you can have it in any position that works for you. You can even change the position to suit whoever is using the computer at the time. 

It is ultra-wide at 31-inches long so can easily provide enough light for 2 computer screens.

While it is super bright, it does have 5 different light strengths so can be dimmer or brighter depending on your need. 


  • Ultra-long light at 31 inches long
  • Clamp provided to help you attach it to any surface
  • 5 brightness options to suit your work conditions
  • 4 colour choices depending on your mood


  • Not suitable to be used as a traditional desk lamp
  • May be difficult to use the clamp depending on your computer set up

Want to charge your devices with your lamp but don’t want to have to worry about all the cables looking untidy?

Well the AUSPICE Desk Lamp is the best desk lamp for wireless charging.

With a station hidden in the base of the lamp, it allows you to pop your (wireless charging compatible) device over the charging pad and adds juice to your phone without any cables at all.

Not only does it work well for wireless charging but the lamp itself is actually quite good.

Considering this lamp is one of the cheapest on our top 10 best desk lamp list, we’re pretty impressed with the level of technology it has within it. 

This lamp can be used to charge your phone at work or you could use it as a nightstand light.


  • Wireless charging point
  • Additional USB port allows you to charge 2 devices at one time
  • Adjustable light head makes this a great task light or a light to read by
  • 3 different brightness modes to suit a range of tasks


  • The lamp itself is quite small
  • Not all devices are wireless charging compatible, check with your cell manufacturer before buying
Simple Designs LD1036-BLK

Your priority when looking for the best desk lamp may not be the adjustable head, the dimmable options or the wireless charging capabilities.

You might just want a desk lamp that looks cool, sleek and stylish. Well if that’s you then the Black Bronson Antique Style Lamp is going to tick that box!

The industrial look that this lamp has been design for still provides plenty of light, but it just does a great job of looking good while doing it. This lamp is available in four different colours; matte black, matte white, chrome and rose gold/copper. 

The old style filament bulb sets off the look perfectly too. The lamp not only looks good but is great value too.

Coming in at under $30, you’re going to find it hard to get another lamp that is this stylish for that price.


  • Industrial style look makes it stylish for any décor
  • Available in 4 different colour options
  • Great value for money


  • No adjustable elements to the lamp
  • Good luck finding those filament bulbs!
MEIKEE LED Aluminum Dimmable Table Lamp

We all do different things at our desk and need a lamp for different reasons. Some people might be reading, some might be working at a computer, some might be crafting.

For those of you who are doing all three (or more) at your desk then you are going to want a different light option for different tasks. This is where the MEIKEE LED Lamp comes into its own.

This lamp offers 40 different lighting options including the colour of the light and the brightness too. It is ideal for anyone who wants a light for multiple purposes but doesn’t want to have to buy lots of different lamps. 

This lamp not only offers lots of lighting options but is adjustable too so you can change the angle of the head and adjust the height of it too.

All in all this lamp is the perfect task lamp for anyone looking for several lighting options in one.


  • 40 different light options including different colours and brightness
  • Adjustable head to focus light
  • Adjustable height to illuminate your work even more


  • Not ideal for ambient lighting or general lighting
PulseOn LED Desk Lamp

Who doesn’t love a gadget or two? Especially when those gadgets make your life easier and save you time!

Well the creators of this lamp completely agree with us and they have created this desk lamp that is jam packed with extra little features to help you out on a day to day basis. 

This lamp comes complete with a touch sense on/off switch, a clock/alarm and a calendar too! 

Combine this with the gooseneck design of the faux leather light and you have yourself a techno geeks dream lamp.

This stylish addition will not only impress the design lovers in your office but will also give the nerds something to be jealous about too. It even has 15 adjustable lighting options for you to choose from. 

All of this for under $50? Seems like a great deal to us. 


  • Jam packed with extras such as a clock, calendar and touch sense operations
  • 15 different lighting settings
  • Completely adjustable with a gooseneck stem


  • Too many buttons can get fiddly
  • Not as bright as other lights
 TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Are you looking for a lamp that is going to be illumining a tricky space? Maybe you want some more task lighting in your workshop, or you want to be able to see in a high up alcove of a shelf?

These spaces can be hard to light up and as such, we end up either leaving it dark or having to rearrange our entire workspaces just to make it work for our needs.

Well the clever people at TORCHSTAR obviously had this same problem as they have come up with a desk light that has an interchangeable base. 

This base can come off and you can attach a clamp instead, meaning that you can clamp your light to almost any surface. 

Whether it’s the countertop in your garage or a beam in the attic, you’ll finally be able to see into those tricky corners thanks to the Torchstar Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp.

The arm mechanism makes it easy to adjust the light and angle it exactly where you need it. Perfect right!


  • Interchangeable base so you can clamp it onto almost any surface
  • Arm mechanism makes it easy to adjust into any position
  • Available in matte black, it still looks stylish and cool


  • Light strength is not adjustable
TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp

If you are after a basic lamp that can offer you both light AND a USB port, then the IVY LED Desk Lamp is a great solution.

The cheapest lamp we have on our top 10 list of best desk lamp, the IVY comes in at under $20 which is really good value for a lamp with a USB port

Combining the port and the price, this lamp would specifically suit any teenagers or students that want to charge their devices while sat studying or doing their homework.

It is available in six funky colours including pink, purple and green. 

The LED light means that it is super-efficient to run and the manufacturer estimates that it will cost less than a dollar to run for a whole year!


  • Excellent value for money
  • USB port
  • Adjustable head for focused lighting
  • Available in six funky colours


  • Wouldn’t suit a stylish home office

If you’re a crafter then you know only too well how frustrating it can be to get those finer details looking great when you can’t see what you are doing properly.

Many crafters will buy a bright illuminated light with a magnifying scope inside, but for those of you who would like a light that doesn’t stand out and that fits the design of your home then the LEDGLE LED lamp is a good option.

Complete with a USB port as well, you can watch your craft tutorials (or record them) at your desk while still charging your device.

This lamp also has a temperature, clock and calendar function that can be used even when you don’t have the lamp on.

This desk lamp is a great addition to any workspace or craft area and looks much nicer on your desk than the traditional crafting lamp


  • 3 different lighting options
  • Adjustable head to focus the light
  • Clock, calendar and temperature functions
  • USB port for device charging


  • Quite a small lamp

Final Words

We hope you have found the best desk lamp in this top 10 list and that you have found something that suits you.

Function over style is often the best decision and while lots of features can be an advantage, if you don’t use them they will just be a waste of money. Choose your lamp wisely and save some money. 

No matter which light you choose to go for, remember that there are many out there that have different functions and different features.

Whether you are looking for one that is compatible with your wirelessly charged cell phone or whether you are looking for a lamp that is finally going to shed some light onto that dark corner in your home, this list should be able to help you find the right light for you and your needs.

Another useful accessory that you can purchase is a financial calculator that will make it easier to do difficult calculations.

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