Top 10 Best Financial Calculator of 2020: Must-Have Tool for All Accounting Needs

We don’t know about you, but we are not maths genius’. To be honest we can only just about work out the tip at the end of a meal!

But if you are a bit of a maths whizz and you need a calculator for your profession then you are going to want to know more about the best financial calculators that we have found for you. 

You might be wondering what exactly a financial calculator is. Surely any old calculator will do won’t it?

Well you would be surprised. Financial calculators are different to a standard calculator because of the different functions and pre-set formulas.

Of course, each financial calculator is different as well and you will find that some are better suited to certain financial tasks. In this article we are going to discuss and compare these different calculators so that you can see which one will suit your business and needs.

There is no point spending out on the best financial calculator that doesn’t work out for you! 

What To Look for in A Financial Calculator?

Knowing what the mathematical equation is for working out your mortgage interest is one thing, being able to work it out at the touch of a button Is quite another!

But what if you don’t need to know this sort of information? If you work in construction and want to work out how many tiles you need for a specific pitch of roof, then this function on a calculator is unnecessary.

Carefully looking at the different functions that are pre-set into a calculator before purchasing will allow you to buy the right technology for your profession and therefore save you time and effort. You can even track prices of Amazon products mentioned below and purchase at the right time.

Below we have created a quick glance list of our top 10 financial calculators, scroll down further to read more about them.

Quick Overview: 10 Best Financial Calculator of 2020





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Texas Instruments BA II Plus

Top Pick

Texas Instruments BA II Plus

Pre-set keys, helps with cash flow equations and statistical equation


HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator

HP 10bII+

Holds a large amount of formulas, suitable for business and financial use


Victor 6500 12-Digit Desktop Financial Calculator

Victor 6500

12 digit display, desktop sized, easy to use for loan calculations


Sharp EL339HB Semi-Desk Executive Metal Top 12-Digit Calculator

Sharp EL339HB

Simple to use, geared more towards business than finance


Aibecy OSALO Desktop Calculator Tax Function Counter 12-Digits

Aibecy OSALO

Perfect for calculating tax, 12 digit display, 00 button


Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIx

Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIx

Lots of pre-set formulas, perfect for working out mortgage terms


ASIO JW-200SC 12-Digit Calculator


Great for Tax problems, tiltable display


HP 12CP Financial Calculator


Desktop size, full of functions


Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Calculator

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro

Construction equations, protective outer case


Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display

Casio FC-200V

4 line display, works on both batteries and solar


Top 10 Best Financial Calculator (Reviews)

Texas Instruments BA II Plus

If you have any knowledge or experience in finance then you know that Texas Instruments are one of the most popular names in financial calculators.

The BA II Plus is yet another great example of precision workmanship and quality products combined. 

Using years of experience, Texas Instruments have yet again excelled themselves by creating a calculator that offers lots of functions including pre-set formulas to help solve NPV and IRR equations.

It also has specific keys for one and two variable statistics and four regression options which are linear, logarithmic, exponential and power.

Overall this calculator is the best financial calculator on the market right now.


  • Pre-set keys that work out NPV & IRR
  • Set formulas to help work out cash flow problems
  • 10 display characters
  • Suitable for a range of users from student to professional


  • Can be tricky to use if not experienced (we recommend watching a few tutorials online if you are new to a financial calculators
HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator

HP pride themselves in providing high quality technology that can span both personal use and business use. You will find their computers and printers in homes and offices across the world, so it’s no surprise that their calculators are also a big hit.

The HP 10bll+ is a great financial calculator and offers lots of functions not found on a standard calculator. There are Pre-set buttons that hold formula to solve equations relating to interest rates, TVM, cash flow, NPV, loan repayments and standard deviation too.

All of this comes at a really reasonable price and while it doesn’t look as professional as the Texas Instrument BA II Plus, it certainly sets itself apart from your standard calculator.

All in all, this is exactly what we would expect HP to come up with when creating a financial calculator.


  • Pre-set buttons hold formula to solve most financial equations
  • Small enough to carry in your briefcase
  • Perfect for both financial and business use


  • The 157 page manual that comes with this calculator is hefty reading
Victor 6500 12-Digit Desktop Financial Calculator

Looking for a calculator that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Texas Instruments and HP but can still provide you with the answers you want? Well the Victor 6500 is a good solution.

While this calculator may be larger than the others, that helps to make it look more imposing on your desk and make you look more professional. This calculator is ideal for any real estate agents, mortgage brokers or those in a similar profession.

You will find functions on this calculator that will help you to work out all elements of a financial loan such as the interest, repayments and more.

The angled 12 digit display makes it perfect for your desktop although it is light enough to be carried around too. 


  • 12 digit display
  • Desktop sized
  • Loan functions including repayment calculations and interest repayment calculations


  • Not as portable as other calculators in this list
  • Not proficient in calculating complex tax equations
Sharp EL339HB Semi-Desk Executive Metal Top 12-Digit Calculator

Not everyone knows how to use a financial calculator (or read through the 157 page manual that the HP offers without falling asleep) or has the need to on a daily basis.

But for those who are just starting out or who occasionally have equations to solve, a beginner calculator is a good start.

The Sharp EL339HB doesn’t offer lots of functions and equations pre-set into it, but it does offer a more complex structure than a standard calculator.

With cost, sell and margin buttons making it easier to work out business costs, this calculator is the ideal transition into business and finance.

Better still it is made from metal so you can take it out on site without worrying about it breaking.


  • Simpler and easier to use than more technical calculators
  • Business functions include cost, sell and margin
  • Metal case makes it ideal for those in construction or trade services
  • Great for beginners


  • Not as useful for people within the financial sector
Aibecy OSALO Desktop Calculator Tax Function Counter 12-Digits

If you are working in tax and accounting and you don’t need all the formulas for business or loan repayments, then the Aibecy is a great choice.

With several different tax inputs, you will be able to tear through those spreadsheets in no time!

The 12 digit display is angled which lends itself nicely to a desktop calculator, but the size and weight of this item means that you can easily carry it around to meetings with you.

This calculator is great for those wanting a calculator which has a memory recall and a 00 button too (something most traditional calculators don’t possess).

It even runs off both batteries and solar power so you will always be able to use it, no matter how dark the office or dingy the meeting room.


  • 12 digit display
  • Great for those needing a calculator for tax purposes
  • Memory recall
  • 00 button for financial use


  • Doesn’t include complex formulas
  • Quite small and easy to lose

6. Best for Real Estate Agents - Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIx

Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIx

If you are a real estate agent, then you will know only too well how quickly you need to get those numbers together for your client before they change their mind!

If they are wavering on a house, then you need to be ready with those repayment figures and interest facts right away so that you can seal the deal. 

The Calculated Industries 315 Qualifier Plus helps you to do that easily and gives you plenty of options too.

You will find keys for home loan AMT, term and PMT figures as well as an additional wizard that lets you input your client’s details (such as their wages and outgoings) to calculate the best deal for them.

All of this technology comes at a very reasonable price and the calculator itself is small enough to transport around so you can take it on viewings with you.


  • Perfect for working out mortgage figures
  • Small enough to carry around
  • Not too complicated
  • Suitable for working out simple sums too


  • Tricky to use at first if you don’t understand how to work out the equations
  • Not solar run so you are beholden to your batteries

7. Best for On the Go - CASIO JW-200SC 12-Digit Calculator

ASIO JW-200SC 12-Digit Calculator

If your job takes you out and about then you are going to want a calculator that you can transport around discreetly without it taking up too much space in your bag.

As we all know CASIO is a great name in calculators and watches, and the JW-200SC is yet another great product from them.

While this calculator is quite small, it still functions very well and allows you to work out all sorts of tax equations on the go. It works on both batteries and solar power so you will never be caught out when you are in a meeting or out of the office.

As well as being pocket sized, it’s also very good value for money. If you are looking for a more complex and technical calculator then why not take a look at the Casio FC 200V which is featured lower down in our top 10 financial calculator list.


  • Tax and currency keys
  • 12 digit display
  • Works on both solar and battery power
  • Pocket sized
  • Tiltable display for easier use


  • Limited functions

8. Best for Traditionalists - HP 12CP Financial Calculator

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

As previously stated, HP is a well known name when it comes to financial calculators and the HP 12CP is one of the most commonly used financial calculators around.

While many have upgraded to more compact and sleeker units, many traditionalists still believe that the HP 12CP is by far the best and most effective financial calculator around. 

It has many more functions than a lot of calculators and can solve equations and problems relating to cashflow, tax, currency and loans. It contains, in total, 130 different pre-set functions.

Once you get the hang of using this calculator you might be reluctant to change to a different one!

This calculator is best used as a desktop device and although all of those buttons and functions might put you off, HP offer a 24 hour helpline so you can utilise the assistance should you need it. 

All of these functions and support make for a really good calculator and in our opinion, the best financial calculator for traditionalists.


  • 130 different functions
  • Suitable for working out loans, interest, currencies, cash flow and tax
  • 12 digit display
  • 400 step memory capacity


  • Not as portable as some calculators
  • Plastic casing makes it less durable for those working in industrial areas
Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Calculator

Unless you work in the construction industry, you don’t realise how much finance and construction go hand in hand.

Trying to work out the costings of flooring, materials and more can be quite difficult when you have trades people walking around, bits of dry board flying everywhere and brick dust in every conceivable place!

Thankfully the people at Calculated Industries have recognised the need for a more durable calculator that offers lots of functions as well. This is the Construction Master Pro Advanced Calculator.

This calculator comes in a protective outer case (which is bright orange by the way, no need to worry about losing it) making it ideal for use on site.

It also has lots of pre-set functions that will allow you to work out pitch, rise, mass, area and more so suddenly your job becomes more about the construction work you are doing and less about the figures.

This calculator isn’t cheap, but it will save you lots of time and money in lost materials so is well worth it.


  • Construction specific functions to work out materials required
  • Large display
  • 12 place memory recall
  • Protective case for use on site


  • Not suitable for tax purposes
Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display

Working your way through your financial training can take years and years.

While understanding how to read spreadsheets, work out tax and get your head around interest rates can be straight forward, gaining your certifications in finance can take many years to achieve and a lot of hard work. 

The last thing you want is equipment that is going to let you down.

Thankfully the Casio FC-200V is the best financial calculator for students because not only does it have all the functions that you require, but it also has a 4 line display so you can see (and understand) your workings out. 

As you get used to using the Casio FC – 200V, you will also be able to recognise where you may have gone wrong, explain how you arrived at that figure and how you worked it out.

This calculators’ features include all the financial equations you could want and more.


  • 4 line display
  • Many financial pre-set functions
  • Small and compact
  • Perfect for students and those learning more about finance


  • Buttons are quite small and difficult for larger hands

Final Words

So no matter what type of calculator you are looking for we think we have found the right one for you.

From working out tax solutions to fully understanding your interest repayments, these calculators in our top 10 best financial calculator list will be able to help. 

Finance can be a very broad topic so be sure to check whether your potentially new calculator has the specific formulas for your needs so that you don’t waste your money.

Additionally, if you want to improve the aesthetic of your desk, considering checking one of these desk lamps for various needs.

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