How To Add GIF to PowerPoint: 5 Easiest Methods

A combination of various media content makes your PowerPoint slides more interesting and allows you to send your message more creatively. They also help you to keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation.

All in all, unless you overdo it, there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of media into your presentation. Animated GIF has been rather popular among users, and the best part is, it’s as simple as adding a picture or an audio clip.

An animated GIF is like a really short movie. For the most part, there are only two images in different frames. So, without further ado, let’s walk you through how to add GIF to PowerPoint

Inserting GIF to PowerPoint 2010 or Later 

The process is rather straightforward. If you’ve ever added a picture to your PowerPoint slides, then you’re already a step ahead. Adding GIFs isn’t much different.

Here’s what you need to do in Windows OS.

At first, you’ll have to open your PowerPoint and go to the slide you’re trying to add an animated GIF in. Once you’re in your desired location, click on the Insert option in the toolbar, and select Pictures. 

A dialogue box will pop open, and you’ll have to choose the location where the GIF file is stored on your computer. Once you’ve found it, click on it, and later click Insert. 

This will bring the GIF file into your PowerPoint slide. You can relocate the file as you please.

When it comes to formatting your GIF, it’s pretty much the same as formatting or locating an image. Try and hover over the different menus that are made available to you until you’ve achieved the perfect GIF for your slides. 

How to Insert GIF to PowerPoint in Mac

Inserting an animated GIF to PowerPoint in your Mac is almost identical to that of Windows OS. Let’s take a closer look.

Open the slide you’re working on, and select Insert. Choose Pictures followed by Picture from File. As you locate the GIF file on your computer, hit the Insert button. The GIF file will immediately enter your slide. You should now see the GIf in action, instantly adding a fun touch to the slides. 

As you’re done position the GIF to fit your slide, preview the slideshow and watch how the animation plays out for you. You can do so by clicking on Slide Show followed by a click on From the Current Slide. You can also use the shortcut Shift + F5. This will give you some perspective and help you identify the flaws in the slide if there’s any. 

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint Online

Many of you enjoy working on PowerPoint online as it allows you to use cloud space without having to worry about buying a hard disk. While the version isn’t as robust as the desktop version, it sure has its perks. 

To access the online version, you will first need to sign in to your Microsoft account. You’ll find your online PowerPoint then.

Enter the slide that you want to add that animated GIF into, and click on Insert. The step will be followed by a click on Pictures then This Device.

That’s when you’ll meet the dialogue box that will ask you to locate the GIF. You’ll have to Choose File at this point; simply click on the GIF and press Insert. 

There you go, your file is just where you want it. You can format and relocate it as you like; the process is similar to how you’d format the pictures. 

Once you’re done formatting, play the slide shows and see how it turned out. 

It is always advisable to play your slideshow by yourself before presenting them in front of an audience. This way, you can identify is there’s anything that needs to be fixed.

How to Insert GIF from Online Image Search

Now if you don’t have GIFs stored on your computer, you can use PowerPoint to locate one online.  

Begin by entering the slide you want to add the GIF. Click on Insert in the toolbar. In PowerPoint 2013 and later, you’ll find an Online Picture option. This will allow you to search for GIFs online from the software. 

You will immediately find a popup box with a search bar. To have more accurate results, you can narrow your odds by typing GIF. And in an instant, you will meet a wide range of GIFs. You can further narrow down the search if there’s a particular GIF that you’re looking for.

How to Format the GIF

You can edit the GIF you’ve just inserted into your PowerPoint slides through a rather simple process, within the software. In fact, it’s quite similar to how you edit an image after inserting it. 

If you want to resize the GIF, the best option would be to drag one of the four corners of the GIF so that you don’t distort the image or mess up its aspect ratio. 

You can also rotate the image using the circular anchor displayed above the image. As you navigate the toolbar, you will also find several formatting options for the GIF. You can add borders to the GIF, project a shadow, or even a reflection. Yes, just like an image. 

That’s not all; if you click on the Format option on the Picture tools, you will also find various options to add frames around your GIF. Choose one that inclines with the design of the rest of your slides, and you’re good to go!


Adding GIFs to your presentation can completely change the game for you. They come in small sizes and add a fun touch to your presentation. But you have to do it right! In this article, we’ve shared how to add GIF to PowerPoint. We hope it helps you create better and smarter PowerPoint presentations.