“What Is Your Work Style?” Interview Question with Answer Examples

One of the most important factors that can help you get your dream job is your preparation for the interview. Your preparation for the interview can actually make or break your career. So it is very important for you to come fully prepared so that you can ace the interview. 

Some people might argue that it is almost impossible to prepare for an interview as you never know what questions the interviewer might ask. They might even ask you general knowledge questions just to check how you respond to surprising questions and situations.

This might be true to some extent however there are certain common questions that are asked in almost all interviews. For example, why do you want to join us? Why do you think we should hire you? What do you bring to the table? What is your work style? and many other similar questions.

The way you answer these questions is going to be crucial for the result of the interview. One of the most ambiguous yet important questions asked in interviews is “What is your work style?”

Now once you hear this question you might think it is easy to answer. However when you start thinking about it you realize that it is a hard question. When it’s suddenly asked in an interview, it will make you feel like you don’t even know what you work style is.

So it is better to be prepared. Everyone knows how they work and what their work style is but sometimes when such questions are asked spontaneously then it can get difficult to answer them in the right way. And this can result in you losing your opportunity for the said job. 

If you want to prepare yourself for such interview questions then this article is perfect for you. Let’s take a look at why the work style is so important to employers and how you can answer the “what is your work style?” question.

What Is Your Work Style? Why Is This Question So Important

What Is Your Work Style

People normally ask this question in an interview to assess the qualities and potential of the person applying for the job. It is an open-ended question that can be answered in many different ways but the way you answer this question can help you get a good job and thus put you on the right career path.

The interviewer will assess you qualities and see if you can bring something valuable to the table. Workstyle is very important. Each and every person in the world has their own personal work style.

However, some work styles tend to resonate with each other and companies are always looking for that synergy. Not only should work style be professional and meticulous, but it should also resonate with other people in the office and more importantly, it should resonate with the company culture

Now we have already established that this is an important question. What’s more important is how you can respond to this question. Well, if you are not prepared for this question then chances are that you would have a hard time answering this question in an ideal way.

One thing about open-ended questions is that you can answer them anyway but they are not as subjective as people usually think them to be. There are certain things that the interviewer is looking for in your answer and if you don’t have them then you will not be able to impress the interviewer. Now, if you are fully prepared for the answer then the scenario would be completely different. 

In order to be prepared for this question, you need to know yourself. Perform a self-analysis and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will never be able to answer this question in a perfect way if you don’t know where you excel and where you lag.

You have to study yourself as much as you can. Many people believe that they know themselves but it’s usually very surprising when they perform a self-analysis. You have to know your skills and highlight them in your answers. In addition to studying yourself, you should also study the company. You should know the qualities and skills the company is looking for.

For this, you have to read their job advertisement very carefully. Look for previous advertisements by the company for relevant jobs and you will see what they most value and desire in their employees. Compare all the ads, you are bound to find things that are common in all of these advertisements.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to lie in the interview. If you see a certain quality that is desired in their ad and you feel you have that quality in you then you should mention that while answering this question. 

Lastly, you should never forget to talk about your quality to adapt to different cultures and environment. You can tell them that you are very adaptive. Telling them that you can adapt to different environments will help you a great deal.

It will not only show that you have an efficient and professional work style but it will also show that you will be able to resonate with the organization’s culture due to being adaptive. So even if your work style isn’t according to the needs of the company you can adapt and mold yourself to make it according to the needs of the company.

How Can You Answer This In The Best Way Possible?

How To Answer In The Best Way Possible

What is your work style? To prepare an answer for this question, you have to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost be honest while answering this question.

Don’t lie about your work style just so you can impress the interviewer and make them believe that you have the same work style as the employer. Try to give concise and to the point answer. Study yourself and see how productive you are in different environments. It is also important to observe how you behave with your colleagues as that is an important part of your work style.

Let’s take a look at few examples of how you can respond to this question. People from different fields may have to answer this question in their own unique way. Before going into the interview you can practice on how you can answer this question.

Try to think of different ways you can respond to this question and then choose the response you feel is the best. So when the interviewer finally asks this question you can answer it in a comfortable and precise manner. 

A Perfect Answer For A Marketer

The most important part of a marketer’s job is the ability to adapt themselves according to different situations. Therefore, if you are a marketer searching for the perfect answer to this question, you should let the interviewer know that you have a very adaptable working style.

Tell them that you can work both in a team and alone depending on the situation. When the deadline is strict, you can work in groups so that the deadline is met efficiently. Also let them know that when you are working alone, you do not hesitate from constructive feedback as it helps you in improving and refining yourself. 

A Perfect Answer For An HR

As you know that each company has its unique culture, so the work style of an HR should be completely flexible and adaptable. Thus when the question regarding your work style arises in the interview, you should tell them that you are completely capable of adapting yourself to the culture of the organization and can manage the new hires, training, conflicts, and payroll efficiently.

A Perfect Answer For An Accountant

Although the perfect work style for an accountant should be to work alone in the quiet of their office, they should also let the interviewer know that they are completely capable of working in groups as well when the need arises.

Tell them that you know the importance of both working alone and in groups according to different situations and you are not rigid to a change in the working style. There might come a time during your job where you will be required to do work in late hours such as during the time of the preparation of the financial statement of the company.

So, you should let the interviewer know that you are completely open to working late and will give your best output during these times. 

A Perfect Answer For A Project Manager

the most important part of the job of a project manager should be their ability to be reliable so that people can depend upon them. Therefore, when asked about your work style in an interview, you should tell them that you are completely reliable and dependable.

Let them know that you are willing to do all it takes to collaborate with the other employees to complete a project at a given time. You should also emphasize how patient you are to with other colleagues and you will do your best to train them for any given project.

A Perfect Answer For An Engineer

The nature of the job of an engineer requires them to work both indoors and outdoors. So, you should let the interviewer know that you are completely aware of all the ethics of working in both situations and do not hesitate from spending long hours working on the field. 

Knowing the perfect answer to the question ‘What Is Your Work Style’ can play a great role in getting your dream job for which you had been working so hard. Therefore, you should answer this question as honestly and efficiently as possible!